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NYSLOF, NYS LECET & Local 1822 at North Country DOT Hearings

NYS LECET, New York State Organizing Fund and Laborers Local 1822 participated in the New York State Department of Transportation public information meeting.

This was regarding enhancements of U.S. Route 11 between Canton and Potsdam and possible bypasses around the two communities. The organizing fund set up the sign truck in the parking lot to show support of the construction of bypasses.

The two rooms at the event in Eben Holden hall at St. Lawrence University had satellite photos of the region marked with proposed bypass routes and enhancements for local residents to peruse, the meeting was geared to deliver options proposed in the North Country Access Improvements Study.

There were approximately 25 labor representatives there at the event. The DOT plans to have another public information meeting on the study. For more information about the study or to comment on what is proposed, go HERE.

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