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Legislative Conference & Lobby Day a Great Success!

The NYS Laborers' Organizing Fund and the NYS Laborers' PAC were proud to have hosted yet another successful Legislative Conference & Lobby Day in Albany, NY.

Click HERE to see more photos.

The first day highlighted speakers including NYS Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and NYS Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon. That evening, the NYS Laborers held a legislative reception, which was well attended by legislators from around the state and labor representatives.

The following day, members from locals across New York State organized and met with their district's representatives to further the Laborers' political agenda. Here were some of the discussion points:

Issue #1: Definition of Public Works

  1. Support for Assembly Bill A.5498A, sponsored by Assembly Member Bronson.

  2. Support for Senate Bill S.2975A, sponsored by Senator Murphy, which requires that the definition of public works must clearly be defined in the current Labor Law.

Issue #2: Utility Work

  1. Support Assembly Bill A.4871, sponsored by Assembly Member Titus..

  2. Support Senate Bill S.4774, sponsored by Senator Robach. Currently, NYS does not require utility companies and their contractors to pay prevailing wages when completing utility work, such as pipe laying. This allows third-party contractors to engage in the practice of cutting labor costs by paying workers less than the prevailing wage rate for the work performed.

Issue #3: Natural Gas

  1. Support for the necessary use of natural gas, as part of the total energy mix to power New York State.

  2. Natural gas is a necessary bridge to 100% renewable energy and a clean energy economy. The largest driver of greenhouse gas emission reduction has been the increase in natural gas over dirtier sources like coal or oil.


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