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Local 210 Business Manager Editorial In Buffalo News

Local 210 Business Manager, Sam Capitano had an opinion piece published in The Buffalo News:

“It’s pretty simple. While Albany continues to play games, our members, our families and our upstate economy continue to suffer. The 97-mile Northern Access pipeline project represents a $455 million private investment in our state’s infrastructure. It also represents hundreds of family sustaining jobs and economic development in areas of the state that need it most."

Mr. Capitano continued, "The Northern Access project received Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval on Feb. 6, and we fully expected the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to follow suit with the issuance of the water quality certificates. The process seemed simple enough, but unfortunately the dumpster fire that is Albany politics has derailed this project and our members and our local economies are left to pay the price."

Laborers' Local 210

Originally chartered in 1913 from the International Hod Carriers and Building Laborers' Union, (Left) Local 210 provides the construction industry with Laborers to perform the hard work Upstate New York needs.

"If FERC believes that the DEC is arbitrarily withholding water quality certifications, it has the ability to strip its authority to issue these permits. Without a doubt, Laborers’ Local 210 wholeheartedly supports the removal of a politically influenced DEC from the permitting process."

"Interstate pipeline projects clearly fall under federal jurisdiction and once again, the DEC has proven to be way over its head and unable to remain objective. It’s unquestionably time to move the DEC out of the permitting process," says Capitano.

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