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Thanks to All Our Brothers & Sisters for Supporting Intro 1447!

Approximately 30,000 construction workers from various trades, union officials, labor leaders and rallied outside City Hall for new safety legislation. The message was a clear call for the New York City Council to pass the Construction Safety Act to strengthen construction site safety, specifically Intro 1447.

This legislation would require construction workers to have adequate health and safety and skills training through apprenticeship programs. The proposed safety act comes as the number of construction site deaths continues to rise in the city.

Gary LaBarbera, President of the Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater New York said in a New York Daily News Op-Ed that “The members of the City Council have a precious opportunity to protect the safety of all construction workers. It's incumbent upon them to help ensure that the brilliance and allure of the New York City skyline does not come at the cost of human life.”

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