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Third Track Project Gains Momentum at Public Hearings

NYSLOF recognizes there is a crucial problem with Long Island's transportation…

They also know there is a solution in the works.

The Problem: If Long Island is to thrive, the LIRR needs to take riders where they want to go, and when they want to get there.

Ridership growth is inevitable. Long Island roads can’t take more traffic, and many young people don’t want to drive. The LIRR will need to provide more rides each year.

The Solution: The LIRR Expansion Project - a new proposal to build a third track between Hicksville and Floral Park to improve service options and reliability for all Long Islanders.


In April of 2016, NYSLOF joined forces with the LIA to form THE RIGHT TRACK FOR LONG ISLAND COALITION, which represents over 5,000 Long Islanders and counting. Since then, this coalition has worked diligently to forge relationships with policy makers across Long Island and to develop effective communication about the the proposal's positive impacts on the surrounding communities and Long Island at large.

Representatives from NYS Laborers Organizing Fund, NYS LECET and Local Union 1298 participated in six public hearings about this project.

Click HERE for more photos.

This is the second round of hearings for this project and represented a big opportunity for the public to learn more about and comment on the project’s draft environmental study.

Without the dedication of the Laborers and their partnership with the Long Island Association, the proposal would not have gotten the recognition it deserves from the surrounding communities.

To learn more and become a part of the Right Track For Long Island Coalition, go HERE.

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