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Clean Energy Link to Deliver Renewable, Reliable and Affordable Energy for Long Islanders

Invenergy, the nation’s leading independent developer of renewable energy projects announced at a press conference in Huntington, NY the largest renewable project ever proposed for Long Island.

Representatives from NYSLOF, Laborers' Local 1298 (above) and the Long Island Association (below) were on hand to support the project and how crucial it is for the region.

The project, Clean Energy Link, consists of four new wind and two new solar farms located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

All the renewable energy from these projects will be joined into a single portfolio and deliver reliable, clean renewable power at the lowest cost possible to Long Island residents.

“Long Island has never had an opportunity like the Clean Energy Link. In a single stroke, the Clean Energy Link will more than triple the green energy supply to Long Island. It’s a big step forward…and means we can stop talking about meeting the Governor’s 50 by 30 and begin actually achieving it.”

Marcia Bystryn

President of the New York League of Conservation Voters

In addition, Invenergy has proposed Shoreham Solar Commons, which is a solar energy generation project that would repurpose the Tallgrass Golf Course in East Shoreham. The project would add nearly 25 MW of solar electricity that could power 3,500 homes.

Both projects would help spur growth in Long Island’s clean energy economy, create 200 union trenching jobs and reduce the region’s carbon footprint while contributing to New York State’s goal of deriving 50% of our electricity from renewables by 2030. Go HERE to learn more.

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