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For Our Sisters in Unite Here, the Trump Tape Is A Teachable Moment

Unite Here, the national labor union that represents thousands of hotel, casino and food service workers, are all too familiar with workplace sexual harassment.

In a Chicago-area survey of nearly 500 people, the union says more than three-quarters of the casino workers they talked to reported incidents of sexual harassment. To hear more about this story, go HERE.

When it comes to protecting workplace rights, LIUNA and the New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund have always supported our brothers and sisters in Unite Here. Once such example is the rally in front of Trump Hotel Las Vegas:

Thousands of LIUNA members joined the Culinary Union members and Trump Hotel Las Vegas workers to demand of their boss Donald Trump an opportunity to negotiate a contract so they can have fair wages, job security, and good health benefits.

According to Culinary Workers Union 226, Donald Trump’s workers are treated like second-class and are paid $3.00 less per hour than other union workers on the Las Vegas Strip.

Go HERE to view more photos from the rally…

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