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NYSLOF Pursues Fight for Deserved Jobs in Queens

In the wake of a demolished graffiti mural space, Unions are slighted by developer.

What was once considered to be "the world's premier graffiti mecca,” 5Pointz mural space located in Long Island City, Queens, is now a leveled construction site that has both artists and the Laborers disappointed and enraged.

Vilified developers Jerry and David Wolkoff of G&M Realty first upset the community by proceeding with their plans to demolish the iconic space and put up two rental towers in its place. Then, after agreements were made to go union, they have opted instead to use lower-waged non-union workers who have no training and work in unsafe conditions. It is sad enough to see the demise of 5Pointz but to then see the developer turning against the working men and women who built New York City is disgraceful.

In a recent article in the Times Ledger, Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, claimed, “We offered him a Project Labor Agreement and he didn’t want to sign it, he thought he could do better without an agreement,” LaBarbera said. “But we shook hands and he gave me his word. He committed that it would be a union job. Obviously his word means nothing.” To read more, go HERE.

The New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund along with the Cement and Concrete Workers' District Council Organizers continue to make these concerns known to the public by displaying a series of messaging that exposes the contractor’s careless actions.

Contact us HERE and join the movement. Let the Wolkoffs know where they stand with you, the community and the working union tradesmen and women of New York!

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