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Rebuild NY Now Rally in Albany

Thousands of construction contractors, local transportation officials, business groups and the Laborers from Locals 190 and 157 banded together to encourage state lawmakers in New York to invest in the state’s aging roads, bridges and highways. Local 435 Field Representative, Local 785 Business Manager Dave Marsh, and Local 190 Business Manager Anthony Fresina helped to rally the crowd in the L.O.B.

The group, Rebuild NY Now, helped to organize the rally, which was held at the State Capitol. As lawmakers enter the final weeks of negotiation over next year’s state budget, New York's infrastructure has become a hot topic of discussion both downstate and upstate.

Those pushing for the investment include AAA, the Business Council of New York State, the New York State Motor Truck Association and other organizations who argue that better roads and bridges will help the overall state economy.

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