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Promising News for the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission overseeing the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion confirmed the project will not have significant environmental impacts.

Go HERE for the story highlights.

Go HERE for photos from the hearings.

To see videos of some of our speakers, click on the towns below:

The state Department of Environmental Conservation held public hearings on the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion. Spectra Energy will do the pipeline work and needs New York and federal permits to expand a pipeline that runs through Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties. More than 15 miles of the pipeline would be dug up in New York. The hearings held in Brewster and Stony Point had over 225 LIUNA members in attendance. Representatives from New York State LECET and the New York State Organizing Fund helped the locals turn out members for these important pipeline hearings.

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