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Rally Against JDS Development Group

Click HERE to see photos from the event.

On Wednesday, the Cement and Concrete Workers District Council - Locals 20, 6A and 18A and Laborers' Locals 29, 79, 731, 1298, New York State Laborers Organizing Fund and over 5,000 other building trades’ union members participated in a rally to protest the contractor JDS’s 70-story residential tower that is being built on 57th Street by non-union labor.

Union members were joined by a number of politicians, Business Manager Mike Prohaska also spoke and they all had the same message: There is no place in New York City for non -union rat contractors like JDS. The NYSLOF Mobile Billboard Truck was also present and helping to spread the message.

The building trades’ unions will continue to organize and ramp up pressure until all contractors sign collective bargaining agreements that assure fair wages, safe working conditions, and decent benefits for their workers.

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