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NYSLOF Attends FERC Hearing in Georgetown, NY

Click HERE for photos.

This Fall, a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) scoping hearing was held at the Georgetown Town Hall in Georgetown, NY. Dominion Transmission, Inc. has proposed their “New Market Energy Project,” which will involve the construction of two new natural gas compressor stations and upgrades to three existing compressor stations.

This preliminary hearing allowed public input in the review process. A compressor station is needed to increase the capacity to move additional gas through the existing pipelines. This work would be within the jurisdiction of Laborers’ Locals 35, 157 and 785.

Representatives from both the New York State LECET, and the New York State Organizing fund as well as members of Local 35 attended the hearing and provided comments in favor of the project. We will continue to follow this project and attend any future hearings as this FERC process moves forward.

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