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LIUNA's “Getting Schooled in Infrastructure” Tour Reaches NY

Click HERE for photos from the event.

NYSLOF along with over 100 Laborers from Locals 29, 147, 731, and 1010 joined together in Manhattan this summer to support the LIUNA “Getting Schooled in Infrastructure” Tour. The tour is part of an aggressive campaign to help bring light to the serious disrepair of our nations roads & bridges. This grassroots effort will urge Congress to pass a long-term, full investment Highway Bill.

With the help of the Laborers, the new NYSLOF Mobile Video Truck, and LIUNA’s investment in a school bus complete with the reproduction of a sizeable section of a fallen bridge attached to the crushed windshield, the message is stark and clear. For more information about the campaign, and to see where else the tour has gone, Click HERE.

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