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Clinton County Approves PLA for Airport Work

After an hour of testimony from people both for and against a PLA, legislators voted 7 to 3 to approve a $40 million project at Plattsburgh International Airport, which calls for two union workers for every one non-union worker.

The agreement will require union contractors on expansion construction. Several union members spoke in support at a meeting in Clinton County, saying there are a lot of local union workers who are tired of having to travel out of town for jobs. They would love to work close to home for once.

"We applaud the members of the Clinton County Legislature that allowed common sense to prevail," said Richard Daddario, Business Manager of Laborers' Local 1822. "The numbers don't lie and a $3 million dollar cost savings could not be shouted down by non-union rhetoric. Our members and their families would like to sincerely thank the legislators that stood up for the hardworking men and women of the North Country."

“The Clinton County Legislature sent a very clear message this evening. This is a reminder that fiscal responsibility trumps the desperate measures of non-union contractors in this area," said John Hutchings, Director of the NYS Laborers' Organizing Fund.

Go HERE for the full story.


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