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2nd Ave Subway Service Finally Begins

New Yorkers are happy to finally see that the 2nd Avenue Subway service has begun.

Representatives from NYSLOF, Laborers' Local 731 and 147, along with MTA officials and members of the community gathered with Governor Cuomo in support of a special preview for the grand opening of the 2nd Avenue Subway this winter, 2016.

The new Second Avenue line should reduce travel time by 10 minutes or more for commuters on the Upper East Side, MTA officials said. Once it opens, the line will be the first major subway expansion in over 50 years.

The inaugural ride for the Second Avenue Subway took place on December 31st and revenue service for customers began at noon on January 1.

Phase 1 of Second Avenue Subway marks the most significant changes to New York City subway service in recent decades, and will be built in four phases:

Phase 1 will provide service from 96th Street to 63rd Street and will serve more than 200,000 people per day, reducing overcrowding on the Lexington Avenue Line and restoring a transit link to a neighborhood that lost the Second Avenue Elevated in 1940.

For more info, go HERE.

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