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Union members continue to join together in solidarity to declare that New York City is a Union Town!



Some NYC developers, like Related Companies are beginning to adopt the Open Shop model, in which a worker is not required to join or financially support a union as a condition of hiring or continued employment.  This is dangerous because it allows developers to make their own rules, or lack thereof, on the backs of its own workers to benefit only themselves and their bottom line.  Open shop is essentially a knock-off model manufactured by corporate greed.



NYC contractors will not be allowed to profit off the exploitation of their workers.  Every week, the #CountMeIn Movement sends a strong message to developers that the NYC Building Trades members will not be divided in their fight for fairness.  Even Governor Cuomo has assured attendees that “Your fight is my fight. You can COUNT ME IN to stand with the hardworking New Yorkers that build this city!” 

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